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Many Africans are frustrated with writing university entrance examinations year after year and they find no success. And, like many of the students whom when admitted, are given the wrong courses!  Who have from time to time run to us for advice. Or are you tired of staying at home when all your friends are in University already? Or maybe you’re already in the University but hate the course you’re studying and probably want to start all over elsewhere which your heart longs for. Or perhaps, your secret dream for years has been to study abroad but due to lack of funds, you abandoned that ambition.

Probably also, due to the signals from the Nigerian labour market, you are afraid, really afraid that when you are through with school, you may not be able to find a job? If any of the above descriptions fits you. Fear no more… no matter your educational goals; Peda Global has vital information, sufficient facts and figures to help all Africans succeed with their study goals in life.

Among lots of other information, Peda Global will help you to:

  1. Source for ADMISSION in Universities and courses of your choice anywhere on the globe you choose.
  2. Choose your career from among the much sought after highly paid career courses not yet available in Nigeria.
  3. Find all possibilities to get admission in a TUITION-FREE INSTITUTION.
  4. Apply for SCHOLARSHIP, LOAN OR GRANT from funding organization using your admission info.
  5. To process your TRAVEL VISA to go over and start school abroad.
  6. Find schools where Nigerian undergraduates who are serious about higher quality education can TRANSFER oversees to complete their studies.

Our team wishes to welcome you to our Study Abroad information portal. Over the years we have witnessed what it means to have your university education, your life career or even your high school education in your home country; thus, it will be clear to you why Peda Global is in existence. We have lots of experience in the field of education and training as well as in assisting students both local and international further their career in any part of the world these many years.

This has thus positioned us an unmistaken firm to be trusted in matters bordering on solutions, clarification, as well as recommendations in matters regarding higher education or Study Abroad Programs for Africans. We are well acquainted with the problems associated with it, as well as the possible solutions.

Volunteering Abroad: Peda global will also be assisting professionals and laymen to volunteer out there; and this will give you a chance to explore new countries and cultures in a different way than by just travelling for sightseeing in these countries. Doing a volunteer and internship will show you the country from inside out, allows you to get to know the culture, locals and their habits.

We sincerely believe that by seeking our services and constantly returning when further helps are needed, you will be able always to discover herein solutions to any foreign education problems, and volunteering programs that you, your friends and family may need at any point in time.

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